Orchestral & Cinematic Starters

Inspired by the epic, lush and dramatic feelings of the orchestra.

✅ 62 Orchestral Concepts

‚úÖ All Audio Stems & MIDI Included

✅ Compatible With Any DAW


22 Epic & Dramatic Concepts

Your heart beats, face to face with the inevitable. Will you rise to the challenge?

7 Dark & Mysterious Concepts

Thunderclouds tower in the distance as you make your way into the darkness. What will you find?

11 Adventurous & Fantastic Concepts

Filled with a sense of excitement, you set off on an adventure worth remembering. Where will it take you?

5 Soft & Beautiful Concepts

You feel the world slip away, losing yourself in an emotion between deep sorrow and limitless hope. What will you take from this experience?

5 Choir Concepts

You reach the top of the mountain where the hooded choir unleash their melodies. One turns, beckoning you. Will you join them?

Bonus: 11 Ostinato Starters

Ostinatos are the building blocks for countless orchestral & cinematic compositions.

They are the "riffs" of orchestral music, bringing instant emotion, repeating while music builds around them.

Inside you'll find 11 starters to kickstart your own concepts on. Play with BPM, tweak a few notes, and you'll quickly have a powerful starting place.

A Valuable Toolkit & Learning Pack For Any Producer Who Is Inspired By The Orchestra

✅ Impressive, dynamic concepts at your finger tips

‚úÖ All audio stems included

‚úÖ All MIDI stems included

✅ 312 Total Files at 1.14 Gigs

Focus On Producing
Instead of Songwriting

Drag MIDI into your DAW and explore instruments. Many are already well-composed and ready to go. Set your creativity free.

Improve Your
Music Theory Skills

Pick a concept you like, and drag in the MIDI. Study the chords, rhythms, and how the notes interact. Use what you see to inspire your own writing.

Make Your Own Compositions From An Inspiring Starting Place

By tweaking melody notes or chords, it's much easier to create your own ideas instead of starting from scratch.


Orchestral & Cinematic Starters

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  • 312 Total Files at 1.14 Gigs
  • MIDI & Stems Included
  • Works in any DAW
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