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Learn Essential Skills to Plan, Write, Produce & Finish Music with Professional-Level Control

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About The Creator & Goals of This Course


What Is The Empowered Producer Course?

The Empowered Producer Course is a comprehensive collection of structured lessons designed to help music producers at all levels improve their fundamental skills, and finish the music in their head with confidence and efficiency. 

We focus on music fundamentals because no matter where you are in your production, and no matter what trends are happening in music, fundamental skill development makes all the difference.

You'll Improve Essential Skills Like:

  • Workflow
  • Music Theory
  • Sound Design¬†
  • Rhythm & Groove
  • Project Planning
  • Reference Track Analysis
  • Automations, FX, and Transitions
  • Mixing Principles
  • Success Principles

These are the skills you'll use on every track you create, for the rest of your life.

Without a strong understanding of these fundamental skills, you'll be stuck creating your music with ‚Äúluck.‚ÄĚ But with these skills, you can create with control and intention.

Why Join This Course?

Because the most reliable path to personal fulfillment and professional success as a music producer is by developing your fundamental skills and finishing a large body of work along the way.

This is the path of professionals all across the field of music.

The development of your fundamental skills and finishing music along the way will help you with any goal, including:

  • Develop your unique sound and build a career as an artist.
  • Work as a professional craftsperson¬†producing music for brands, games, or films.
  • Grow an income with a portfolio of music that gets placements across television, movies, and web.
  • Provide services to artists or other creatives and be the ‚Äúpro‚ÄĚ in the room.
  • Build a social media presence and sell creative assets.
  • Become a prolific producer with a large body of work to¬†leave behind¬†as part of your legacy.

That's why if you are a music producer who is committed to your skill development and wants to finish more songs you can put out into the world for any goal - this course is for you.

What Makes This Course Unique?

This course is unique because it's not about what the buttons in your DAW do - it's about the fundamentals of how to make great music with intention.

Each lesson focuses on practical techniques you can put to use immediately in your music making.

You will find wisdom from over 10,000+ hours of experience to teach you new ways to think about planning, writing, producing & finishing your music, along with wisdom on finding sustainability as a creator - emphasizing finding your unique voice throughout the process.

By the end you will feel more in control of your music production than ever before, finishing tracks with new excitement.

This is why previous students include producers at all levels of experience - because the fundamentals are never mastered, and always have something to teach.

What Do You Get With Enrollment?

  • Over 30 hours of¬†lessons across 115+ videos¬†
    Many students share that they can put videos to use for weeks, getting all their value within just a few videos.

  • 25¬†project breakdowns in multiple styles
    See how it all comes together in the real world and copy what you see.

  • 270 MIDI chord progressions pack
    Kickstart your songs with proven chord progressions.

  • 97 Serum presets
    My personal collection of Serum presets I've made over the years that have been used in commercial productions.

  • Personal development & success habits worksheet
    Ask yourself important questions about your influences and get prompts to hep you see a path to "inevitable success."

  • Get questions answered by an experienced source
    By enrolling, you can leave comments on lessons or send DMs or emails to Avery who will respond with thoughtful feedback.

The Full Curriculum

More content is already planned.

Sample Tracks That Have Breakdowns

Every song in this playlist has a video breakdown covering topics like music theory & songwriting, arrangement, layering, ear candy and mixing.

See how the principles from the course are used to create all kinds of music.

These songs are an effective study, as some have been signed to libraries or received placements on television. 

Sample a Lesson

This lesson is on the fundamentals of Rhythm.

You can expect over 115 videos similar to this one, covering fundamentals that will make you an in-control music producer. 


"Love the Course or Don't Pay" 30 Day Guarantee

No matter your skill level or genre of choice, this course will help you become a more confident, in-control music producer creating your best work - or your money back.

Ready to Join? Let's Improve Your Music Together.

Payment plans and discounts for special circumstances are available. To discuss, DM me on Instagram or email.

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Your Instructor: Avery Berman

This course was created by Avery Berman, a music composer, producer & educator with over 15 years of experience.

From composing custom music for Volkswagen to selling over 10,000 music licenses as stock to receiving 4.5 million streams and winning 2 Awards, he's established a career as a flexible and multi-talented producer. 

As an educator he has taught over 1,000 private lessons to producers around the world. He emphases focusing on the fundamentals and finishing lots of tracks in the process - because this is a reliable path to finding your personal voice, creating with freedom, and reaching any professional goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feedback From Producers Of All Skill Levels

Note: This course is a combination of all my previous courses, and more. Any course mentioned in these comments is included.

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