Learn Professional Skills to Compose, Produce & Finish Music With Control

Go From Blank Projects to Finished Tracks Consistently

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This Course Will Help You

✅ Finish tracks consistently, helping you build a prolific catalog of music 

✅ Improve your track quality, focusing on your fundamental skills 

✅ Gain confidence in your submissions to labels, playlists, libraries, etc

Plan, Write, Produce and Finish Music With The Intention of a Professional Craftsperson.

Over the last 15 years I have finished hundreds of songs for myself and clients, received millions of streams, and had placements across the world in television and media with brands like Adidas, Volkswagen, Major League Baseball and thousands of others.

As an instructor, I have taught thousands of 1-on-1 lessons, and helped a growing number of producers start finishing songs consistently and kickstart careers.

And if there's anything I've learned, it's that being a confident music producer has nothing to do with finding "secrets" other people don't know - and everything to do with Mastery of the basics.

Because the basics are the skills you will use on every song you will ever create.

That's why they can give you full control of your creative process, allowing you to finish any idea into a full, unique track.

And when you can finish your ideas into full tracks consistently, you are on the path to Mastery, while building a prolific catalog of work.

And this catalog of work becomes the foundation to doing anything you want in music.

From growing a fanbase who obsessively stream your songs to building a passive income from placements to building a name in the industry on your professional work... 

Everything you want to achieve in music is built on the music you finish.

That's why this course focuses on empowering these foundational skills.

With these skills, you'll gain control, freedom, and the ability to produce a prolific body of work.

Enroll today and let's strengthen your foundational skills to elevate your confidence and future as a music producer.



30+ Hours of Fundamentals You Will Use On Every Song You Create

⚙️ Workflow & Project Preparation

5+ Hours of Lessons

The first weakness to fix is your song planning, project prep & workflow.

After all... "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

If you've ever been filled with a burst of inspiration, only to find yourself stuck in a loop for hours, and eventually give up...

It's probably because you were missing good project preparation and workflow. 

That's why you must set yourself up for success BEFORE you start creating... 

Once you use reference tracks properly, create effective templates, and have a rough workflow, it will change everything.

If you get good at this, it will take you from a hard drive of half-finished tracks to finishing music consistently.

Here's Some Of What You Will Learn:

⚙️ How to Use The Sketch To Production Workflow to Write a Great Song Idea Before Touching a Single Sound

⚙️ How to Take One Sketch Into Multiple "Sonic Profiles"

⚙️ The 4 Stages of Production

⚙️ How Professionals Use & Analyze Reference Tracks

⚙️ How to Setup An Effective & Inspiring Template

⚙️ How to Setup and Search For Drum Samples for Inspiration and Speed

⚙️ How to Train Your Ears & Improve Your Skills by Recomposing Your Favorite Songs

⚙️ How to Improve Your DAW Songwriting With the "Freestyle Sketching" Practice Technique

  🎹 Music Theory & Composition

10+ Hours of Lessons

The next weakness to fix is your Music Theory and Composition.

It took me over 10 years - and 4 different mentors - to learn what I will teach you here.

But I promise I will make easy so you will become a chord & melody wizard fast!

After you learn a few simple principles, it will change the way you write music forever.

Some students came from a college education, or 10 years self-taught, and credit these lessons with finally making it all *click.*

We will go from complete beginner to very advanced.

You will walk away with clear guidelines and rules to writing great chord progressions, melodies & song themes from scratch.

If you're anything like me, after learning these concepts you will feel more unlocked than you have in years.

Many people underestimate what a difference this skill makes.

When you get good here, you can write great music in just a basic piano sound.

Here's Some Of What You Will Learn:

🎹 How to Build Any Chord in Any Key & Turn Them Into Progressions

🎹 How to Compose Catchy Triad Chord Progressions

🎹 How to Compose Emotional Extended Chord Progressions

🎹 How to Compose Mature Advanced Chord Progressions

🎹 How to Use Inversions & Voicing to Bring New Emotions Into Your Progressions

🎹 How to Write Effective Melodies with Specific Formulas

🎹 How to Develop Melodies Into Longer or More Complex Concepts

🎹 How to Compose Exotic Emotions With Modes

🎹 How to Connect With The Emotions of Notes

🎹 How To Turn Basic Chord Progressions Into Produced Ideas

🧪 Synthesis & Sound Design

5+ Hours of Lessons

The next weakness to fix is your sound design & synthesis.

So many producers waste hours scrolling through presets... only to "settle" on a sound that doesn't quite fit, isn't full of life, or is too experimental.

And that's because a preset will almost never work "out of the box" for your song.

You must know at least the basic principles of sound design in order to make it fit into your track.

It's a catch 22 - you buy the presets because you don't know sound design - but you need sound design to use the presets!

Luckily, once you learn a few fundamental techniques, making great sounds becomes so much easier...

And that's because so many sounds are actually built on the same core concepts!

By the end of these lessons, you'll be making your own sounds from scratch, and tweaking your presets to fit your tracks with more control than ever before.

Here's Some Of What You'll Learn:

🧪 How to Use Every Button & Knob in a Synth (Serum as the example)

🧪 How To Design Essential Chord Sounds

🧪 How To Design Essential Lead Sounds

🧪 How To Design Essential Bass Sounds

🧪 How To Design Essential Pad Sounds

🧪 How To Design Essential FX / Transition Sounds

🧪 See How to Use These Sounds In Professional Contexts In By Looking In Real Song Examples

🧪 Take Control of Your Presets With The Principles of Sound Design

💥 Automation, Details
🔈 Mixing & Mastering

How It All Comes Together On Real-World Songs

5+ Hours of Lessons

By this point, you will already have the foundations to transform your ability to write, produce & finish songs.

So the next weakness to improve are your polish related skills: Automation, Details, Mixing & Mastering.

And one of the best ways to learn these is by digging apart real productions, and seeing how each layer, automation, ear candy and plugin was used to get to the final sound.

It's so inspiring when you realize no matter what kind of music you want to make, the main concepts stay the same!

It's incredible how much a well placed sweep effect, impact, or "special moment" takes a song to a higher level.

This will be extremely valuable, and is worth more the price of admission alone.

👇 Every Song In This Playlist Has A Breakdown In This Course

Some have been signed to publishers or are being placed actively on television. Scroll in the playlist to hear all the songs.

Here's Some Of What You'll Learn:

🎧 "Sketch to Production" In Action

🎧 How to Layer Sounds in Real Production Examples

🎧 How to Think About Mixing, Principles & Plugins

🎧 How to Think About Your Frequency Spectrum & Panning With The "Upside Down Triangle"

🎧 How to Inject Ear Candy and Special Moments

🎧 How to Use Essential FX like Sweeps, Impacts & Risers

🎧 How to Arrange and Common Techniques

🎧 Songwriting Formulas

🎧 Common Automations In Professional Songs

🎧 How to Do Less and Make It Sound Like More

🤝 Inevitable Success Habits

4+ Hours of Lessons

The whole reason you want to finish music is because you want to do something with it, right? (Besides the joy of creating of course!)

That's what these lessons are all about - your long term strategy and growth habits.

Maybe you want to be signed... land placements... work with clients... network with artists you respect... build your own wave... or a combo of it all.

Luckily, there are a few habits and principles that apply no matter what you want to do.

You'll learn habits to create success, learn about active vs passive income opportunities and more business & growth essentials.

After this, you'll have a clearer idea of who you are, paths available to you, and what you need to do to get there.

Here's Some Of What You Will Learn:

🤝 The 3 "Inevitable Success Habits

🤝 Self-Discovery Worksheet

🤝 Income Pathways

🤝 The Fundamentals of Music Licensing

🤝 1 Hour Student Q&A Interview and Recommendations

🤝 Passive vs Active Income Sources

After Practicing These Lessons You Will Be Composing Better Ideas, Finishing Songs Consistently, and Feeling More Confident In What You Produce.


🎻 BONUS #1:
Orchestral Composition Formulas Course

6+ Hours of Lessons

Sooner or later, everyone wants to learn about producing orchestral music.

It's one of the most exciting challenges that pushes your composition and production skills to the next level!

After all, it's a timeless sound that never gets old. That's why we still hear the orchestra in songs all across the globe.

So I want to teach you the fundamentals to making great orchestral compositions and productions!

In this full course, you will have your mind opened and start making great music with the orchestra.

This will help connect the dots for ALL of music composition, and help you write better music no matter what you want to make.

You'll even get formulas for composing great themes and entire composition concepts. (One student called these "the holy grail of music lessons.")

I can't wait to share these lessons with you! You will see a huge improvement in the way you think about composing music. 

Here's Some Of What You Will Learn:

🎻 How to Pick Sample Libraries / VSTs (Free vs Paid) + Recommendations

🎻 Working with Modulation & Expression

🎻 Making Big Statements with Orchestration

🎻 How to Compose Emotive “Scenes” With Simple Chords

🎻 Formulas for Taking a Chord Progression Into Full Orchestration with Strings, Brass, Choir and Woodwinds

🎻 Formulas for Composing Epic Ostinatos

🎻 Formulas for Solo Piano Into Full Orchestration

🎻 Formulas for Writing Percussion Parts 

🎛️ BONUS #2:

"Empty Project to Finished Production" Course

4 Hours of Lessons

This was the very first course I created. It is the perfect compliment to everything you've learned so far.

You will watch over my shoulder as I produce an electronic pop song 100% from scratch.

This will be a real life example of using many of the skills you've learned so far.

This course has sold stand alone for $100, but I want to include it to help fill in any gaps in your knowledge!

Here's Some Of What You Will See Inside the Production Process:

🎛️ Reference Track Analysis

🎛️ Project Preparation & Template Creation

🎛️ Composition / Songwriting Sketching

🎛️ Sounds & Sound Design

🎛️ Arrangement

🎛️ Special Moments & Automations

🎛️ Mixing & Mastering

🎹 BONUS #3:
92 Essential Chord Progressions MIDI Pack

What better way to help you produce with more control than giving you proven chord progressions to start songs on?

This pack is based on the progressions we hear again and again in songs across styles. It's not "unoriginal" - it's nature. We just love the sound of these chords.

Organized by emotion and use, this is a pack you can use over and over again.

Fits in great with this course as a tool to help you produce with more control!

🔈 BONUS #4:
Essential Serum Presets Pack

97 Flexible Sounds

This is my own personal pack I made for myself! I've used these sounds as a jumping off point - or final sound - in tons of productions.

It has almost every sound we make in the "Sound Design" section of the course... and more.

The goal with this pack is flexible sounds often heard in modern music, especially electronic music, including "Chord Wobblers", "Pluckers", "Reese Basses", "Lead Plucks", "Supersaws" and "Risers."

They are simple, well-crafted, and easy to fit into various productions or make your own

🎧 Let's Recap The Value Of What You're Getting


✅ Workflow ($100)

✅ Music Theory & Piano Roll Composition ($300)

✅ Synthesis & Sound Design ($300)

✅ 20 Production Breakdowns Teaching Automation, Details, Mixing & Polish ($600)

✅ Block Chords to Produced Concepts Demonstrations ($100)

✅ Success Habits & Music Business ($300)


✅ Orchestral Composition & Production Course ($300)

✅ From Blank Project to Finished Production Course ($100)

✅ Essential Chord Progressions MIDI Pack ($17)

✅ Essential Serum Presets Pack ($27)


✅ Your Questions Answered in Comments or Email

✅ All Future Updates

Total Value... $2,144

🛡️30 Day Money Back Guarantee

This Course Will Save You Time, Money and Is Risk Free

I believe in this course so much that I'm willing to put all the risk on me.

I want to give you a full month to try out it out and apply what you learn.

If you realize it's not for you, just send an email and get a prompt refund. There's no risk to try, and so much amazing music to create.

It took me over 10 years, countless frustrated late-nights, and thousands of dollars on private instruction to learn what I will teach you here.... let me help you skip all this stress by giving you the most essential knowledge that made the biggest difference!

🤝 Get In Control of Your Music Writing & Production Today

This course has been constructed to help you overcome the weaknesses holding most producers back from progress.

For less than the price of a few dinners out let's improve your skills fast and get you finishing music you love!

Lifetime Course


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  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

🚀 No Matter Your Current Skill Level, I Guarantee You’ll Make Better Music 

If you've been uninspired, or struggling to make music recently...

If you've been feeling like you just can't get the ideas you want out of your head...

Long-term you want to give your music the best chance of success, and "doing something" in the world...

This course will help you.

If you're a beginner, you will save years of trial, error, and frustration.

If you're intermediate, you will get so many big picture *clicks* that will tie what you know together and help you start finishing higher quality music consistently.

If you're advanced, you will pick up new songwriting and workflow ideas that will make you more efficient, and inspired.

After 15 years making music, and finishing hundreds of songs for clients, libraries, and my own artistry...

I can't wait to share what I've learned with you, because I know it will help you.

And if you decide it isn't for you for any reason, just ask for your money back.

I hope to see you inside. If you have any questions, just reach out with a DM or email! 

✋ Questions?

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Let's get you on the path to feeling more in control and finishing music you love.

Lifetime Course


One Payment

  • All Course Content
  • All Song Breakdowns
  • All Updates
  • All Bonuses
  • Questions Answered Through Comments, DMs or Emails
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee