Start Your Song With A Catchy Hook

A pack of carefully crafted hooks ready to inspire productions.

‚úÖ 143 Premium Song Starting Hooks

✅ Audio Stems & MIDI Included

✅ 100% Royalty Free


What Makes This Pack Unique 

A HOOK is a musical pattern that can loop endlessly, getting locked in your listeners head.

A good hook can carry a full song all on it's own. They are the lifeblood of modern production. 

This pack is dedicated to giving you a diverse collection of inspiring hooks to help start your productions.

Demo The Variety of HOOKS Inside 

WAV Audio Stems & MIDI Included For Every Hook

Start directly from the audio sample.

Or drag in the MIDI and make it your own.

This provides inspiration for countless songs.  

A Valuable Toolkit For Any Producer Who Loves Starting With a Hook

Instant Inspiration: Jumpstart your creative process with hooks that are catchy, emotive, and ready to use.

Flexibility: With both MIDI files and audio samples, you have the flexibility to edit notes, swap sounds, and tweak arrangements to suit your taste.

Time-Saving: Get right to the fun part with hook lines that are designed to be the focal point of a song.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you like the demos on this page, I am confident you'll find this pack to be an inspiring and valuable addition to your production tools.

That's why if don't get inspiration from at least 1 of these concepts, contact me for a refund.


Start Your Song With A Catchy Hook

Full Pack


One Payment

  • Instant Download of 143¬†Premium Hooks Labeled by BPM & Key
  • MIDI & Audio Samples Included
  • 340 Total Files at 632.7 MB
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Complete Bundle

Ő∂$Ő∂2Ő∂1Ő∂7Ő∂ $97

55% Off | 5.4 Gigs | 400+ Chords, Melodies & Song Starters

  • Essential Emotions:¬†Chord¬†MIDI Toolkit¬†$17
  • Compositions:¬†MIDI Compositions¬†$17
  • Hooks:¬†Song Starting¬†Hooks¬†$27
  • Euphoria:¬†EDM Melodies¬†$27
  • Gems:¬†House Starters¬†$37
  • Stories:¬†Orchestral Starters¬†$27
  • Upside:¬†Uplifting Piano Chord Hooks¬†$17
  • Heartwarm:¬†Acoustic Inspired Starters¬†$14
  • Diamonds:¬†Pop Guitar Melodies¬†$17
  • Sakura:¬†East Asia Melodies¬†$27

Who Is This For?

This pack is for people creating music in a DAW. It is intended to provide inspiration and help with song production.

Is It Royalty Free?

Yes, every MIDI and Sample in this pack is 100% royalty free. Whatever you create is yours to share, release, or profit with.

Does It Work In Any DAW?

Yes. This pack uses MID Files which are compatible across DAWs and computer systems.