Modern House Song Starters

Inspired by a Blend of House Styles

✅ 30 Multi-Layered Starters

‚úÖ All Audio Stems & MIDI Included

✅ Compatible With Any DAW


30 Addictive Song Starters Inspired By Modern House Styles

House is known for it's cutting edge sound design, catchy melodies & addictive grooves.

From progressive to slap to electro and beyond...

This pack will deliver the quality and inspiration you'd expect in a modern house track.

Get inspired, and improve your own songwriting by seeing how a well composed house concept is put together.

Improve Your Songwriting & Production Skills

One of the best ways to learn is by seeing how great concepts are put together.

This pack is unique because it's built on full drop concepts.

You will have every single layer and MIDI.

This not only gives you ultimate control in your production, but also gives you frameworks you can copy for your own productions.

In the right hands, this toolkit can be the inspiration for countless tracks through study and editing of the MIDI and layers.

Everything You Need To Create

ūüĒĄ¬†30 House Inspired Song Starters: Ready to Loop. Labeled by Key & BPM

ūüĒ䬆All¬†Stems, Dry & Wet: You'll have access to every stem and layer.¬†

ūüéĻ All¬†MIDI Files:¬†Every part is clearly broken up. Tweak the notes, bring it into new sounds, or study the composition. Make it your own.¬†

ūüďĀ¬†222 Total Files:¬†At 776.1 MB

Inspire Your Next Song 

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  • MIDI & All Stems Included
  • Works in any DAW
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The Complete Bundle

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55% Off | 5.4 Gigs | 400+ Chords, Melodies & Song Starters

  • Essential Emotions:¬†Chord¬†MIDI Toolkit¬†$17
  • Compositions:¬†MIDI Compositions¬†$17
  • Hooks:¬†Song Starting¬†Hooks¬†$27
  • Euphoria:¬†EDM Melodies¬†$27
  • Gems:¬†House Starters¬†$37
  • Stories:¬†Orchestral Starters¬†$27
  • Upside:¬†Uplifting Piano Chord Hooks¬†$17
  • Heartwarm:¬†Acoustic Inspired Starters¬†$14
  • Diamonds:¬†Pop Guitar Melodies¬†$17
  • Sakura:¬†East Asia Melodies¬†$27