Start Your Next Song On Proven Chord Progressions

An organized toolkit pack of emotion-labeled chord
progressions commonly used across music styles.

✅ 93 MIDI Progressions + 180 Bonus Progressions

✅ Instant Emotion to Inspire Countless Songs

✅ 100% Royalty Free


What Makes This "Toolkit" Pack Different

Did you know there's specific chord progressions we hear over and over in songs across genres?

It's not "unoriginal" - it's nature. We just love the sound of these chords.

This pack is dedicated to giving you these progressions in a simple, well-voiced, drag-and-drop format. 

Organized by emotional suggestion and use, this is an essential pack you will use over and over again - no matter what kind of music you produce.

🔁 Only proven, versatile progressions you can use over and over.

🧠 Smart organization by chord categories and suggested emotion or use.

📝 Plan your songs better by picking chords with more intention.

đŸŽ¶ Well-voiced chords that sound great, and are easy to tweak into your own.

đŸ‘©â€đŸ« A teaching tool to help you create a relationship with the chords you use.

🚀 A powerful tool for producing in any genre.

Essential Progressions You'll Use Over And Over

Capture instantly powerful and universally grabbing emotion quickly with these chords.

✅ Triad Progressions (Catchy and Universal)

✅ Extended Progressions (Smooth and Mature Often Used in Pop, House, RnB, LoFi, etc)

✅ Royal Road Progressions (Emotional and Often Used In Jpop, Kpop, Future Bass, etc)

✅ Modal Progressions (Unique and Emotionally Charged)

✅ Major / Minor Interchange Progressions (Fun and Quirky)

✅ One and Two Chord "Vibe" Progressions (Simple and Addictive)

✅ Scales & Modes With Their Chords (A tool to see where all the chords are coming from to use for yourself)

✅ Pentatonic "Melody" Scales (Some of my favorite scales for writing memorable melodies with)

Voicings & Rhythm Kept Similar Across The Pack By Design

With just a few exceptions, the voicings of each chord have been kept similar and the rhythms kept basic.

This is by design. Here are a few of the reasons why this is a benefit for you:

đŸš«Â No duplicate progressions "hidden" by small changes like rhythm or voicing.

🔍 Clearly understand the emotion a progression is bringing without the "fluff."

🔗 Recognize the patterns & emotional impact of each chord interval across multiple progressions. (One chord change makes a big impact!)

đŸŽ¶ Flexible and easy to transform into your own concepts by changing the order of notes, adding your own rhythms or phrasing... and this is expected and encouraged.

Remember, a chord progression is your "emotional template." This pack is used as a toolkit to hep you grab these emotions with more intention. You don't want thousands of progressions to sort through randomly... you want to get to know your progressions and use them with intent.

Less is truly more here!

Bonus: 180 Inspiring Progressions Pack Included

This pack of 180 progressions was designed to inspire songs. Think of it like an inspiration box for new ideas.

This collection is more free with it's progressions, and includes great emotions that didn't quite make it into the new pack. 

This is the perfect compliment to the Essential Emotion pack to provide an open ended experience with more variations.

Updates Included

At times I update this pack with new progressions, or with new categories to improve organization.

After you purchase, I will email you these updates for free when they happen.


Start Your Next Song On Proven Chord Progressions

Full Pack


  • Instant Download of 270+ MIDI Chord Progressions
  • Inspire Countless Songs & Create With More Intention
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Complete Bundle

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55% Off | 5.4 Gigs | 400+ Chords, Melodies & Song Starters

  • Essential Emotions: Chord MIDI Toolkit $17
  • Compositions: MIDI Compositions $17
  • Hooks: Song Starting Hooks $27
  • Euphoria: EDM Melodies $27
  • Gems: House Starters $37
  • Stories: Orchestral Starters $27
  • Upside: Uplifting Piano Chord Hooks $17
  • Heartwarm: Acoustic Inspired Starters $14
  • Diamonds: Pop Guitar Melodies $17
  • Sakura: East Asia Melodies $27

Who Is This For?

This pack is for people creating music in a DAW. It is intended to provide inspiration and help with song production.

Is It Royalty Free?

Yes, every MIDI in this pack is 100% royalty free. Whatever you create is yours to share, release, or profit with.

Does It Work In Any DAW?

Yes. This pack uses MID Files which are compatible across DAWs and computer systems.