Beautiful Pop Guitar
Melodies Pack

āœ… 42 Emotion-Packed Guitar Melodies

āœ… MIDI + Wet & Dry Stem Included

āœ…Ā CompatibleĀ With Any DAW


42 Emotion-Packed Pop Guitar Melodies

We've all heard iconic guitar melodies that haveĀ touchedĀ our hearts and climbed charts...Ā That's the inspiration for this pack.

Every melody includes:

āœ… Wet Sample: A full vibe is already here, ready to be built on.

āœ… Dry Sample: Drag it in and play with your own effects. Add reverb, delay, EQ, phasers... chop it up and remix it... get creative.

āœ… MIDI File: Take the melody into any sound you want.Ā TweakĀ a few notes... or go nuts. Make it your own.

Bonus: 17Ā Jazzy, Smooth & Bright Melodies

This companion pack was inspired by the brighter side of jazz and funk clean guitar.

From funk vibes to bossa and jazzy pop. ThisĀ bonusĀ bringsĀ a colorful contrast to the powerful emotion inĀ the rest of the pack.

Improve Your Songwriting.Ā Get Inspired. Finish Songs.

This is an instantĀ fix for writers block.

No need to spend hours looking for a few chord progressions on YouTube or fumbling through MIDI aimlessly.

Collaborate with an experienced producer andĀ recharge your creativity.Ā 

Start from an inspiring starting place and make your own edits.

Study the concepts yourself and improve your own songwriting.

Inspired by the universal connection of beautiful, clean guitar.

Focus On Producing
Instead of Songwriting

DragĀ a MIDI or Melody SampleĀ into your DAW and use them as-is. Many are already processed and ready to go.Ā Set your creativity free.

Improve Your
Music Theory Skills

Pick a concept you like, and drag in the MIDI.Ā Study the chords,Ā rhythms, and how the notes interact. Use what you see to inspire your own writing.

Make Your Own Melodies From An Inspiring Starting Place

By tweaking melody notes or chords, it's much easier to create your own ideas instead of starting from scratch.

Inspire Your Next SongĀ 

Full Pack


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  • Instant Download
  • MIDI & All Stems Included
  • Works in any DAW
  • 100% Royalty Free License
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Bonus: 17 Jazzy Smooth Guitar Melodies

The Complete Bundle

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55% Off | 5.4 Gigs | 400+ Chords, Melodies & Song Starters

  • Essential Emotions:Ā ChordĀ MIDI Toolkit $17
  • Compositions:Ā MIDI CompositionsĀ $17
  • Hooks: Song StartingĀ HooksĀ $27
  • Euphoria: EDM MelodiesĀ $27
  • Gems:Ā House Starters $37
  • Stories: Orchestral Starters $27
  • Upside: Uplifting Piano Chord Hooks $17
  • Heartwarm: Acoustic Inspired Starters $14
  • Diamonds: Pop Guitar Melodies $17
  • Sakura:Ā East Asia MelodiesĀ $27Ā