Start Your Next Song With Unique Chord & Melody Compositions

A pack of carefully developed chord & melody compositions.

✅ 110+ MIDI Compositions

✅ Unique & Wide Range of Emotions

✅ 100% Royalty Free


What Makes This Pack Different 

What if instead of starting your song on a simple chord progression, you started on an entire musical concept that already stood strong all on it's own?

What if instead of getting stuck in the same habits, you started from something completely unique, and human?

What if instead of building your song around a basic melody, you produced from a developed theme?

This is the inspiration for this pack.

Each concept in this pack stands strong on its own, offering more than typical chords or melodies - these are Musical Compositions ready to spark your creativity and challenge you in new ways.

Start From Unique, Well-Composed Concepts

Some are simple...

Others are more complex.

Use the composition as-is...

Or tweak notes to make it your own.

Use the included piano sample...

Or break up the included MIDI into your own layers & sounds.

These are building blocks for unique inspiration starters, all from strong chord & melody compositions.

Push Your Creativity In New Directions

A lot of interesting music today happens with unique combinations of elements.

This is one way to achieve that.

By starting from unique compositions, you'll have the opportunity to challenge your production and bring new creativity into your process.

Everyone starts from chords...

What happens when you have much more? 

A Wide Range of Emotions

With over 110 unique compositions, there are a wide range of emotions to explore with including:

😊 Happy

💡 Inspiring

🌅 Uplifting

🌑 Dark

😢 Sad

😞 Depressed

🍷 Mature

😎 Smooth

🤪 Quirky

🕺 Funky

🔥 Intense

🎶 And more...

A Perfect Fit For...

🎹 Electronic Producers: Drag in unique, catchy concepts. Explore new emotions you wouldn't compose yourself. Focus on sound design.

🎻 Orchestral Producers: A strong theme and harmony can be the building block for an entire piece. Set the stage with developed harmonies and themes and tell your story.

🥁 Beat Producers: A great composition with a great beat is a timeless combination, and a way to set your tracks apart.

🚀 Producers Pushing New Ground: Start from a different point than what most people do, get to a unique result...

Satisfaction Guaranteed

It has taken me over a year to finish all of these concepts - each one has been a labor of love.

Now I am proud and excited to offer them to you. I want to see what you can do with them!

If you don't get inspiration from at least 1 of these concepts, contact me for a refund.


Start Your Next Song With Unique Chord & Melody Compositions

Full Pack


  • Instant Download of 110+ Unique MIDI Compositions
  • MIDI & Audio Sample Included
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Complete Bundle

̶$̶2̶1̶7̶ $97

55% Off | 5.4 Gigs | 400+ Chords, Melodies & Song Starters

  • Essential Emotions: Chord MIDI Toolkit $17
  • Compositions: MIDI Compositions $17
  • Hooks: Song Starting Hooks $27
  • Euphoria: EDM Melodies $27
  • Gems: House Starters $37
  • Stories: Orchestral Starters $27
  • Upside: Uplifting Piano Chord Hooks $17
  • Heartwarm: Acoustic Inspired Starters $14
  • Diamonds: Pop Guitar Melodies $17
  • Sakura: East Asia Melodies $27

Who Is This For?

This pack is for people creating music in a DAW. It is intended to provide inspiration and help with song production.

Is It Royalty Free?

Yes, every MIDI in this pack is 100% royalty free. Whatever you create is yours to share, release, or profit with.

Does It Work In Any DAW?

Yes. This pack uses MID Files which are compatible across DAWs and computer systems.