1:1 Mentorship for Professional Aspiring Music Producers

We Focus On: Improving Your Skills - Finishing Lots of Music - Building Income Sources


Student Highlights


In a few months together finished 12 songs.

Used those songs to pitch and then be accepted into a Music Library with a $1,800 Upfront Fee, and 4 figures in Royalties on his first BMI Statement.


Finished 5+ new tracks in the time it used to take him to finish 1. Transformed his confidence and path in music.

Accepted into multiple music libraries and landing placements including Major League Baseball, CBS Sports and Fortnite.

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Aspiring video game composer and pianist who wanted to learn more about production and turning his music into income.

Helped learn new techniques to produce music from scratch, and developed a routine for finishing his music.

Helped get setup on Video Game marketplaces and develop a strategy for getting custom clients.

Has now earned 6 figures from his music.

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Went from confused about chords, melodies & songwriting to writing release-ready EDM & house.

Today has multiple tracks signed with 100,000’s of plays and keeps growing.

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Helped optimize his music production workflow & mindsets for business and licensing.

Now has many placements while building his own artist, production & coaching career.


A more established producer who wanted to understand more about how to create music for licensing placements so he could build a long-term royalty-based income.

After just a few weeks finished 5 new songs using the guidelines I gave him. Shortly after was picked up by a library.

In Matt's words:

"My private coaching sessions with Avery have been extremely valuable to my understanding of how to structure music for licensing uses and how to begin the process of pitching my music for placement.

Avery's vast knowledge of theory, composition, production and sound design for numerous genres allowed him to help me focus in on my strengths as a producer while also improving my weaknesses.

I now feel very confident in my ability to quickly create professional-quality tracks in multiple different licensing formats. If you're ready to get serious about your production & business skills, Avery will absolutely help you take your music to the next level."


Wanted to improve his musicianship as a composer & producer so he could get more in control of his music for both clients & music placements.

Now finishing music consistently that is directly being funneled into libraries & positioned for consistent placements.

In Daniel's words:

“I reached out to Avery to enhance my composition skills for TV & studio clients. He helped me develop my composing & arranging techniques to write broadcast quality tracks.

I’m currently providing original music for music libraries with placements on NBC, MLB, and E!, and producing 2-3 projects a week for my studio clients. My clients love what we are creating, and routinely contact me for more work!

Working with Avery was the best decision I’ve made as a producer - he’s my music industry “coach”, and I’d recommend him to anyone looking to lead a professional music career.”


Wanted to feel more confident in production so she could submit her music to opportunities & license them. Now she has finished many new songs, is getting positive feedback from libraries and has made sales on AudioJungle using the tracks she finished.


Helped audit his tracks & give guidance on how to produce and submit music to Stock Music & Libraries.

Now consistently landing placements & writing for publishers.


Felt completely out of control in music but knew it was a passion he wanted to take seriously.

Together we helped him massively improve his mindset and production skills until he began finishing beats consistently.

Eventually he met with Illmind who complimented his melodies.

Today he is producing for artists and finishing songs consistently to positive feedback from clients & the music industry.


Came to me as an early intermediate producer who wanted to make dramatic improvements and become a track finishing machine, able to play his songs out in his DJ sets.

Together we gave him the accountability and feedback he needed to make all of this happen.

He finished 30 songs during our time together, began playing them out at clubs, and even had The Chainsmokers send him a private video asking to hear more of his music.

Today he is growing his professional career as a DJ, producer, and is getting positive feedback from crowds and professionals.

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A talented producer who came to me wanting to take the step to build more confidence in the professional world as a producer. In his own words, here were our results:

"When I started with Avery, I'd put together a couple good songs but I really struggled with finishing things consistently and getting everything to a professional level.  So I had two goals for my time with Avery: 1. I wanted to be able to quickly and consistently finish professional quality music, and 2. I wanted to start learning more about how to get involved with the sync world - as it was something I had absolutely no idea where to start.

Avery took the time to really dig in, ask a lot of questions, and understand these goals and put together a plan of how to achieve them.  He spent as much time needed to make sure that we covered everything, that I had all of my questions answered, and really breaking down how to do everything step by step.

During my time with Avery, I was able to put together a collection of high quality songs to start pitching to libraries, which have since been accepted and released.  I also completed a remix for a contest I wanted to enter, which was done based on prior feedback received from Avery.  That remix ended up winning the contest and getting a label release as well.

Thanks to my time with Avery, I now have the ability (and just as importantly, the confidence) to continue with the roadmap we created to keep putting together and pitching professional quality music, both for libraries, and as an artist."